Growth Island Podcast #72: Andri Peetso – How fasting can change your life and how to do it safely

Stop eating and you will feel better 😮 WTF, what kind of advice is that 🤷‍♂️

Well turns about there is a bit more to the latest health trend of fasting. The science backing it up is strong, but fasting needs to be done the right way so it won’t be dangerous.

I, therefore, got Andri Peetso on the podcast who just released his book “Mastering Fasting”. If you never heard about fasting and you have no idea what we’ll be talking about, or you are considering fasting, or even for those that already started fasting, then this episode is a MUST listen.

You will learn about:

  • Why the general advice about fasting for women can be really dangerous and how to do it right.  
  • Who fasting is beneficial for.
  • The best practices for fasting and what benefits you can get from fasting
  • The amazing weight loss powers 
  • Cognitive enhancement benefits
  • The positive effects for longevity
  • Plus other perks of fasting such as muscle gain etc. 

He has a history of autoimmune conditions and various health issues where conventional medicine wasn’t able to provide any solutions. After taking ownership of his health, he is now symptom-free, in the best shape of his life, and dedicated to sharing his transformational health optimization knowledge.

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